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I'm a physiotherapist, sports physiotherapist and osteopath with ten years' experience in outpatient orthopaedics and traumatology. My goal is to help patients, support them on the road to recovery and restore their independence.

As a sports physiotherapist, I have already worked with various sports federations and clubs. I mainly work with amateur and high-level sportspeople such as handball players, basketball players, cyclists, footballers, athletes and others. The speed with which an injury is dealt with is of paramount importance to ensure that a sportsperson's 'Return to Play' (RTP) is as healthy and quick as possible.

I'm used to working with sportsmen in the field. I'm experienced in diagnosing and treating osteoarticular pathologies, taping and reathletising athletes.

As an osteopath, I'm also experienced in researching and treating joint dysfunctions. To improve my skills in the rehabilitation of top-level and amateur athletes, I took the KINESPORT Expert Sports Physiotherapy course (from January 2022 to November 2022), which I completed as class valedictorian. I have experience of following athletes at international sporting events. I have an excellent knowledge of the world of sport. As a former top-level gymnast myself, I know how athletes work, I know their expectations and I'm able to understand them. I'm able to follow them from a therapeutic point of view, but also to support them during their training and competitions. In my day-to-day professional practice, orthopaedic re-education, athlete reathletisation and monitoring athletes during their training courses, training sessions and competitions are among my core skills. I focus on coaching, supporting and monitoring athletes to help them achieve their goals in the best possible conditions. Extremely motivated, professional and ambitious, when I embark on a project I do everything I can to achieve it to the best of my ability. In collaboration withALMA, Academy of Luxembourg Martial Arts (Dudelange), we'd like to follow the athletes while offering them therapeutic care and good rehabilitation so that they can practice their sport.

I am multilingual and fluent in Luxembourgish (mother tongue), French, German and English.

  • Bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Master 1 in physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Master 2 in Motor skills Science with a focus on osteopathy
  • Complementary Master's degree in osteopathy
  • Master 2 in Motor skills Science with a focus on sports pathology
Certificates and other diplomas
  • Diploma in nutrition counselling, Nutritionist counsellor
  • Expert Sports Physiotherapy Certificate
10 years of practice
Luxembourgish, French, German, English

+352 621 553 402


3, rue de l’Abattoir, L-3409 Dudelange, Luxembourg

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